• I don’t remember the food at Can Carlos, I was too busy looking at my fiancée when I was there

    Ariel, Tel Aviv, Photographer
  • I get great ideas at Can Carlos

    Akiko, Tokyo, Director
  • I like the swings at Can Carlos

    Betty, New York, Artist
  • I met the woman of my life at Can Carlos

    Giorgio, Roma, Surgeon
  • I work at Can Carlos because it keeps me fit

    Carmen, Madrid, Waitress
  • I love the people at Can Carlos

    Franceschino, Owner
  • I take a plane just for Can Carlos's spianata

    Tanya, Berlin, Psychologist
  • the only Can Carlos defect is that it closes at two

    Paco, Barcelona, Chef
  • A dinner at Can Carlos was enough to close the deal

    Paolo, Milano, Manager
  • They know me at Can Carlos because I’m the last one to go

    Mike, London, DJ
  • I go to Can Carlos to play with the cat

    Lulie, Amsterdam, 13 anni
  • Can Carlos puts me in a good mood

    Sophie, Paris, Fashion designer
  • When I arrive to Can Carlos my summer has started

    Juan Antonio, Bilbao, Lawyer















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